Batch brew #30 - Special Broadcast

Caffeine Capitalist's Rework & Something New

Hey there, Caffeine Capitalists!

Let's not beat around the bush and get right into it. You haven’t heard from us this year. Yes, it’s already been 5 months without the bi-weekly dose of caffeine capital.

The newsletter is currently in a bit of a rework. We grew it to over 2000 subscribers, thank you, but we found it a bit too generalist and lacking actionable advice in a certain topic.

For this reason we are rethinking the format and target audience of this one. In the mean time, Slavo has an exciting new project, therefore the special broadcast. Think of it like the special blend you drink on Sunday morning.

Less than 1 minute this time.

Dept. of The Sunday Non - Techpreneur

Slavo started his career as a non-techie in the tech world. Since 2016, as a corporate innovator (Innogy Slovakia, SKODA AUTO DigiLab Czechia, Israel, China), later as a VC at ZAKA.VC. Then, in 2019, he followed the hunch and became an entrepreneur. Consulting, not building.

In 2022 everything changed. He embraced tech, turned Kiuub into a de facto productized tech company, and realized that great outcomes can be achieved, even for non-tech people, if they go with tech rather than against it.

Today, he helps Non Tech people & companies launch digital projects, digital transformation initiatives mainly through the use of No Code.

For a while, he has been producing content on LI for non tech people, meaning founders/entrepreneurs/corporate innovators and Wannapreneurs (in the positive sense). With the new format the idea is to put all of this into one place, in a regular timeframe and an opportunity to come back to it later.

So, what is the one line pitch?

Every Sunday, you'll get a dose of actionable ideas on how to build, launch & thrive in a tech driven era. Build your confidence in tech, weekly, in 5 minutes. For Founders, CEO's and 9-5ers.

The Sunday Non-Techpreneur

We would love if you checked it out, subscribed and let Slavo know what you think.

Many opportunities to meet us and give us tips on the rework of Caffeine Capitalist:

  • 23.05.2024 at the AceOn Demo day in Bratislava 🍾 

  • Startup Money 2024 in Brno on 29.05.2024

  • Forbes Business Fest in Bratislava on 30.05.2024

  • MSIC Envi Booster Demo Day in Ostrava on 31.05.2024

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Enjoy your coffee fresh, allocate capital, repeat! See after our rework 👋

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