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Cashflow Positive Thoughts, NSFW AI Content & Dreams of Late Stage Investing

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In this issue we are pretty bullish on our thread finds, but not only that. Martin has explored the issue of AI generation in NSFW content, quite a read. Given the fundraising environment we have an interesting take by Enduring ventures and their buyout & turnaround strategy.

Finishing up the coffee are some Chat GPT prompts you can share with your less “chatgpt at home” friends and family! Onwards 🚀

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Dept. of Tiny Thoughts

“The two most beautiful words in business are “cashflow positive””

- Connor Abene

Becoming “cashflow positive” is like finding that coffee sweet spot where every sip feels rewarding. It’s an indicator that your business isn’t just simmering but is brewing up something robust. Here's a breakdown:

  • Sustainability: A positive cash flow is the promise of sustainability, that’s why we like it from day one. It’s like having enough coffee beans in the pantry to ensure your daily caffeine fix.

  • Confidence: With startups failing to fundraise, positive cash flow boosts confidence among stakeholders, much like how a good coffee lifts your spirits. It's a tangible testament to your business’s viability and prudent management.

  • Opportunity: With positive cash flow, opportunities present themselves. It’s the financial cushion that allows you to take calculated risks, buy a competitor, venture into new market or scale more aggressively.

As you sip your coffee, think about this: What measures can you put in place today to steer your business towards becoming cashflow positive? Are there expenses you could trim or revenue channels you could expand?

Dept. of Insights - The "Oldest" Job in the World Under Attack of AI 🔥

When pondering innovative industries, porn might not instantly spring to mind. Yet, astonishingly, several technological breakthroughs, from streaming videos to online credit card transactions, took their first steps in this very domain.

Today, AI is ushering in a fresh transformation wave. On platforms like OnlyFans, creators are leveraging AI in ways that could inspire any business:

  • Personalized Messaging: Engage with fans en masse while tailoring each interaction, preserving that unique OnlyFans "intimacy." 👀

  • Optimized Pricing: Pinpoint the ideal price for every fan, ensuring maximum revenue.

  • Expanded Capacity: Through chat automation, creators can zero in on content creation and fan engagement, sidestepping burnout.

  • Deeper Insights: Spot and prioritize your top-tier fans.

  • Innovative Business Models: Some, like Amouranth, are venturing into AI personas, effectively "outsourcing" their flirting.

Yet, the road isn't without its bumps. AI's capacity to alter faces in videos, digitally strip images, or replicate a person's likeness without permission is alarming. This capability has even ventured into the realm of cyberbullying, prompting interventions in some schools. ❌

Moreover, many OnlyFans creators are drawing a line against AI-generated content like videos and images, leading to an outright ban on such creations by the platform.

But there's another side to the coin:

In the business world, there's no denying the economic potential of AI in adult content. We know folks cashing in on creating AI-driven adult content. But, as with any powerful tool, the key is to wield it ethically. If this industry piques your interest, remember: always stay on the right side of ethics.

Dept. of Twitter Thread Research (we can’t get our head around the generic “X”):

1/ Jason on point. Late stage investments illusions dissolved by Jason Calacanis, something worth studying:

2/ It is that time of the money cycle. Enduring ventures have pivoted from boring investments into cheap startup buyouts. Recommend reading the whole post by Xavier.

Dept. of Visual Research:

As majority of our readers are ChatGPT power users, this is a nice summary for some of our less skilled friends, colleagues or family members: graphics

News from our portfolios & where to shake hands:

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