Batch brew #23

Capital allocation, valutions, checklists and oh, Trust!

Hey, the Autumn Capitalist is here! 🍂

Nights are getting cold on the continent, we start to look at what Q4 is going to give us.

What can you expect today? This is a shorter one. We are looking at fundraising and valuations in Q4, Martin is exploring the topic of trust building and throughout we mix a blend of agency news from Sahil together with checklist building wisdom from Charlie.

Moving on from philosophical business ideas on the summer, autumn comes with execution in mind. Espresso sip, up and onwards! 🚀

4 minutes and 53 seconds this time.

Dept. of Tiny Thoughts

“No wise pilot, no matter how great his talent and experience, fails to use a checklist.”

Charlie Munger

Last time it was Warren, this it is his buddy Charlie. Something close to our hearts, consider the comforting routine of brewing your morning cup; it’s a familiar, methodical process that sets the tone for the day. Now, visualize translating this consistency into running a business:

  1. Foresight & Planning: Checklists allow businesses to foresee potential challenges, much like having the right blend of coffee beans ensures a great start to your day. It's proven that companies with detailed plans are 12% more likely to achieve their yearly goals (Source: Bain & Company).

  2. Accountability: A checklist brings in clear accountability, just as the brewing time affects the quality of your coffee. In fact, businesses that implement accountability procedures see a 27% increase in employee satisfaction (Source: Forbes).

  3. Resource Optimization: Just as you wouldn't waste precious coffee beans, a well-built checklist helps in utilizing resources efficiently, potentially saving businesses up to 25% in operational costs (Source: McKinsey).

As your coffee brews, think about this: Can you pinpoint a process in your current business operations that needs a structured checklist? What's stopping you from creating it today?

Dept. of Insights - Scalable trust-building❓

Ever tried building trust by sending a cold email that starts with "Dear esteemed..."? Yeah, neither have we. Because let’s face it, building trust for high-trust transactions via cold emails is a bit like trying to convince a cat to take a bath—it’s a tough sell.

Industries like finance and real estate have a hefty challenge on their hands. In these sectors, building client relationships is paramount. But how do you foster this trust online, especially when you're aiming to reach a broader audience? Scaling personal connections on the vast, digital landscape can feel like an uphill battle.

For a while now, trust-building was a bit old school. Picture this: offline events, handshakes, maybe even some golf (because nothing says "I trust you" like letting someone see your golf swing). But amplifying those genuine, real-life interactions in the digital realm? It's akin to finding a needle in a haystack—not the easiest task.

Now, here's a friendly tip for you: We've been diving into the world of LinkedIn advertising and discovered something that could be just the game-changer you're looking for. It's all about the dance between demand generation (sparking interest) and lead generation (nurturing that interest). LinkedIn, with its rich profile data, offers a unique platform to target not just anyone, but the right someone.

So, why not consider a strategy that kindles interest through demand generation and then fuels it with lead generation? It's not just about casting a wide net; it's about ensuring that net is cast in the right waters.

If you hail from industries where building trust is crucial, it might be time to pivot your focus. Instead of sticking solely to the familiar terrains of Google ads or mainstream social media, why not venture into this less-charted realm of marketing? There are already trailblazers in the field like:

If you're from industries where trust-building is paramount and you're intrigued by this marketing approach, consider giving it a shot. Actually we have a good friend in this industry. René is our “come to” guys which specializes in this area and can guide you through the nuances. 💪

Dept. of Twitter Thread Research (we can’t get our head around the generic “X”):

1/ Sahil Bloom has been onto something. Quite a nice take on the non recurring revenue world of branding agencies. This time a link to LI post, since X’s embed feature is bugging.

2/ A piece on capital allocation from the Master himself. A long read, but worth it! By the way, his company Tiny, which recently IPO’d is using ticker TNYZF

Dept. of Visual Research:

Carta has been producing some valuable content lately, the founders among us might find this relevant, should they decide to fill their cap table this year:

Fall Fundraising Cheatsheet from Carta

News from our portfolios & where to shake hands:

  • Slavo is speaking about No Code at Slovakia Tech next week in Kosice, come to say Hi!

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