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LK-99, open loops and storytelling tips

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Dept. of Tiny Thoughts

“One of the most powerful concepts you need to learn to succeed in life - Closing Open Loops”

- Stephen Timoney @

Imagine you're brewing your morning coffee but leave it halfway - the coffee cools, your morning jolt of caffeine doesn't hit right, and you carry an uncomfortable feeling of an incomplete ritual. Open loops in your startup function in the same way, creating a nagging sense of unfinished business that prevents you from reaching peak performance.

These open loops, like a half-read book or an unresolved issue, can distract your focus, making your mind as sluggish as a computer with too many open tabs. They can slow down your startup momentum, just like adding cold water to your hot coffee.

I’m sure the concept rings a bell with you and you can relate. Let me drop some questions, that you can ponder over while finishing your morning cup of coffee:

  1. What are the open loops currently occupying my mind in relation to my business?

  2. Are there any unresolved issues or projects that are sapping my startup's momentum?

  3. Which of these open loops can be dropped without significantly affecting my startup's progress?

  4. Which tasks can I delegate to clear my mind and focus on the crucial aspects of my venture?

  5. What essential tasks must I address within the next 7-14 days to keep my startup brewing hot and strong?

  6. In what ways can closing these loops enhance my startup/company/life performance, much like a fresh, hot cup of coffee kicks off my morning?

Our aim was to give you a kind reminder on this one, no full explanation nor resolution. But if you insist on exploring further, you can learn more about the concept of Open Loops in this long thread here! 🚀

Dept. of Insights - LK-99

Stagnation of science development in the past years.

Atomic bomb by end of forties, semiconductors in sixties, moon landing in 1969. The future seemed bright at that time, people expected that we will drive flying cars by beginning of new millennium, colonise our planetary system. We ended up with “great” innovation of being able to order food from our sofa with our iPhone.

This is a common criticism, most heard from Peter Thiel - we lived through stagnation of real breakthrough in science for past decades. Commercial opportunities were able to attract more talent, interest and capital than important scientific R&D with significant potential upside.

Interestingly, you might heard that there was a potential breakthrough past week in superconductors.

Superconductors? Huh?

Superconductors are materials with zero electrical resistance.

When electricity moves in materials, loss of energy happens. That loss might be even in range of 66% - from energy generation to end user. So with superconductive materials, you could drastically decrease energy prices worldwide and need for energy generation.

Seems too good to be true. The reality is that some materials are superconductive only in really low temperatures (think quantum computers with liquid nitrogen).

Some scientists have devoted their professional lives to the exploration of superconductors at room temperature, a paramount goal within the realm of material science.

Just a week ago, two papers were released, each asserting a significant advancement: tangible materials exhibiting superconductivity at room temperature, synthesized within a laboratory setting in Korea. This breakthrough is a nobel prize level breakthrough if confirmed and scientists around the world are now working on reproducing the experiment.

This material is called LK-99.

If the superconductivity of the material at room temperature will be confirmed and there will be also a cost-effective way of producing it, it might be a true gamechanger - revolutionizing electronics and energy.

What are the potential upsides in the future?

  • rebuilding energy generation

  • rebuilding energy transition and storage

  • advancement in quantum computing

  • fast and efficient magnetic-levitation trains

  • potentially lower energy prices, with an effect on feasibility of carbon capture

  • and many more second order effects

  • Read more in Andrew Cote’s tweet

Truly exciting to feel that we might move forward not only on the “digital” level with AI but also on the level of other scientific challenges, in this case the material science.

Dept. of Twitter Thread Research (we can’t get our head around the generic “X”):

1/ Shaan Puri wisdom: “if you sit around a barber shop too long, you’ll end up with a haircut”, but there if another better one in XThread “if you want to buy a business, buy off your P&L.

What do we mean by that? Read through this tweet:

2/ Boring Business meet Digital? Another golden thread by Codie and her take on a fully integrated suite of tools to kickstart old repair-shops into the digital age:

Dept. of Visual Research:

Although we are not the greatest fans of X himself, this summar hits home! Let' me see it implemented in your LI posts next week 📯

Alex Banks & Sachin Ramje

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