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Intensity Turned up to 11, Actionable AI use-cases in SMEs & Macro Optimism

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The summer temperatures are raging across our part of Europe, time to get that iced batch brew ready. In this issue’s blend we mix wisdom from Shaan Puri, with some real use-cases of AI in SMEs and we finish of with some good and some bad statistics. Find yourself a shade and enjoy the read!

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Dept. of Tiny Thoughts

“Intensity is the strategy”

- Shaan Puri @ My First Million

In this week's Tiny Thought, we're riding the wave of insights from Shaan Puri himself, reminding us that success, like a good cup of coffee, requires a certain intensity.

People often take swings at opportunities but don't fully commit, much like a lukewarm coffee that never really hits the spot. The secret to success, like the perfect cup, is all in the brewing intensity.

Consider these three key points:

1. Play Harder: It's not about having a unique strategy but about how hard you work on it. Just like how a great coffee comes from the perfect blend of beans and rigorous brewing.

2. Increase Luck Surface Area: Much like the quality of your coffee improving with a finer grind, exposing yourself to more opportunities can increase your luck.

3. Intensity Gauge: We often underestimate what 'maximum effort' truly means. Surround yourself with those who push their limits, and you'll soon see how high the intensity gauge can go.

Remember, summer is the time to get ahead. To a great summer! 🚀

Dept. of Insights

True Potential of AI in SMEs: 5 Tips That Goes Beyond chatGPT Chats and Cute Kitties Image Generation

Alright, folks, we're about to get real about AI in SMEs - and no, we're not just talking about chatbots or nifty algorithms that generate pictures of kittens. AI's capabilities go far beyond that. From optimizing business processes to making sense of complex data, the opportunities are endless, and the benefits profound. Here are five straightforward tips for integrating AI into your business in a way that's as practical as it is productive.

  1. Artificial intelligence as a customer query responder. It may sound fancy and complicated, but it really isn't. Use a tool like and train your own chatbot with data from your files or website, and you can have it up and running within minutes.

  2. Get process optimization done. This is prompt engineering at its best. Simply input your company processes into ChatGPT, let it ask you for any missing information, and then ask AI to suggest process improvements. As the cherry on top, you can even ask AI to recommend some no-code tools to assist you. Just be careful because AI can occasionally provide inaccurate information about certain tool features. Alternatively, you can directly utilize Zapier's AI, which can create automation for you.

  3. Filter emails. Yes, you might think, "Why would I let AI filter my emails?" Well, it's because AI can sense the sentiment from emails. This means it can neatly mark emails as urgent or important and filter out cold reach-outs or advertisements. You can use tools like Levity for this purpose.

  4. Meeting notes. Conducting meetings in English? Don't waste time writing summary emails. Let AI transcribe and summarise the tasks and notes from the meeting for you. You can use tools like Otter for this.

  5. The last tip from us - let AI write grants. Yes, those in the EU know how demanding and bureaucratically time-consuming writing a good grant can be. Utilize AI for this task. Write your answers in plain language, and it will rephrase them into the official jargon required in the response. But this trick is strictly between you and us, okay?

Dept. of Twitter Thread Research:

1/ Feeling macro pessimistic? This might improve your perspective:

2/ Boring Business 101? A nice way to improve you overview dashboards for reporting & portfolio management:

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