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Thank you for the positive feedback on covering frontier tech. We decided to have 2 specials in the upcoming weeks. Today we will start with AutoGPT special where we cover two interesting areas & bring you "actionables" for you and your business. In the future we will do another special focused on boring businesses. If you have some topics you would like us to cover in relation to boring businesses, let us know!

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Dept. of Tiny Thoughts

"This decade we're going to see the first bootstrapped, single-founder startup with a billion $ valuation... ... run by just one person, and 1000 AI bots"

- Danny Postma

In this ever-evolving era of technology, the entrepreneurial landscape is experiencing a paradigm shift. The 2020s are set to witness the rise of a unique breed of startups - the solo founder enterprises with valuations soaring over a billion dollars. At the heart of this revolution are AI-powered bots, which are redefining the notion of team dynamics by empowering solo founders to harness the power of a thousand virtual team members.

And why not right? AI today can very well replace average copywriters, developers, designers and if you mix that with new possibilities of automation and no-code development, a single person can cover all aspects of the business model canvas.

One of the first success cases is Collin Waldoch from New York, who started using generative AI to create avatars and later turned it into a $3m company in generative AI, with only himself in the company, yes you are reading that right!

While sipping on your coffee, think about some use cases where you think we will see these solo founder thrive! Have some ideas? Share them with us and we will turn them into a poll :)

Dept. of Insights

AutoGPT Special: On the brink of labor revolution

We must say, the past 2-3 weeks after introduction of AutoGPT and BabyAGI models were incredibly dynamic. Every day new and deeper use-cases of how you can leverage AI Agents are presented on Twitter.

It is so exciting that the best for everybody in the tech sector would be just to take a vacation for a week just to reserve some heads-down time, research and dig deeper into the Ai Agent topic. To think how to make the most use of it get irrelevant within time.

Just to sum up - an AI Agent running with the power of GPT4 is basically a to-do list which completes itself. When using GPT3 or GPT4 you are typing in prompts, output comes out and you respond to the output with a new detailed prompt what to do next to get to your goal.

With an AI Agent, you just type in the end goal and the algorithm researches all the necessary steps which need to be done as middle-steps and completes the task alone. It connects to the web to research, it finds the best practices, creates subgoals, researches sales targets and reaches out to them, helps to create sales collaterals, writes code, generates creatives, pictures, visuals.

Incredibly powerful and also scary.

Just take these facts into account, where can you leverage Ai Agents?:

  • in code writing, execution of the code, testing - impact on the development team size

  • in copy writing - impact on the sales, PR and marketing team size

  • in all kinds of research - impact on the internal consulting and management team

  • in customer support - impact on call centers and CS size

  • in legal processes within a company - impact on internal lawyers

  • in data analysis - impact on R&D, finance

  • in sales and reach-outs with writing all of the emails sent out, in populating and filling in your internal databases and CRMs - impact on CSM, BD

  • in creating sales collateral, strategy materials, competition research

  • in creating mock-ups, front-end design, generating images for ad creatives

Of course, it does not work 100% and a lot of tweaking and prompt-engineering skill is needed but still...damn...this will have a huge impact on the headcount within companies.

On think is that we will see a new breed of AI Agent powered companies with really small teams able to execute on big operations and revenues. - AI-based companies

But more importantly, we see first signs of layoffs within existing start-ups, mid and big-sized companies as some internal processes done by current workforce can be replaced by AI Agents. Usually these are repetitive works but with AutoGTP it goes increasingly into more sophisticated use-cases. - AI-powered companies

The market changes, who will not adopt AI internally will simply be less cost-efficient, not-competitive and with decreased valuation.

We see first effects on the labor market. Be prepared

In February, surveyed 1,000 U.S. business leaders to see how many companies currently use or plan to use ChatGPT.

Key findings:

  • 49% of companies currently use ChatGPT; 30% plan to

  • 48% of companies using ChatGPT say it’s replaced workers

  • 25% companies using ChatGPT have already saved $75k+

  • 93% of current users say they plan to expand their use of ChatGPT

  • 90% of business leaders say chatGPT experience is a beneficial skill for job seekers

Dept. of Twitter Thread Research:

1/ Isn't everyone launching venture studios these days? Again, Michael Girdley shared his view on how to start new companies from scratch. It's always nice to read it from someone who has done it successfully.

2/ Bootstrappers unite! We all like reading accounts of people who have made it, and even more so if we can relate to them. This one kills it! Long thread, but worth every word.

Dept. of Visual Research:

What this one lacks in visuals, it definitely adds in shock. This legal's firm "culture piece" has been floating around Twitter in recent days. What do you make of it? Legit even today? ☕

Dept. of Memes:

News from our portfolios & where to shake hands:

  • Podim is coming up again soon, 15-17th of May to be precise. Slavo and part of the ZAKA.VC team will be there, so let's grab a coffee!

  • On Friday 12th, both Andrej and Slavo will be attending Forbes 30 under 30 in Bratislava.

  • One of katalyst's portfolio companies Kiuub, the no-code agency, just launched a "No Code CEE community", you can join using this link!

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